Let us introduce ourselves ... Wim and Hetty Leenheer

"In the past I lived and worked for a year in Porto. The country, the people and the nature impressed me that much, that I always said to return to Portugal one day. My wife and I realized this in 2010" said Wim Leenheer, of Bed and Breakfast Casa Águas Mansas.

The Casa is situated in the region Beira Litoral (which means coastal zone). An area one and a half hours drive from Porto and two hours from Lisbon. Why have they settled down exactly between these two great cities?

"The surrounding here is wonderful. Nature is very diverse. Forests, beautiful vineyards, but also the dunes and sea are nearby. You are at the Atlantic Ocean in no time. This makes the climate very pleasant. Summers aren't as hot as in the Algarve or in the large cities. If you are making a tour through Portugal this is a beautiful area which is not yet packed with tourists and therefore a pleasant place to spend a few days before returning to the heat or crowds or to continue your tour.

In 2010, Wim and Hetty purchased the Casa. Of course a reconstruction is not done overnight. "No," laughs Hetty, "there is always more to it. A previous owner was an artiste who had painted the Casa in every color of the Rainbow. Very quirky, but not suitable for a bed and breakfast! The stables situated behind the main house were reconstructed into three comfortable, spacious and attractive en suite rooms. We trust that our guests will love to stay here."

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